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Jessica and Michael are small business owners in Laingsburg, located just north of Lansing, the capital city of Michigan.


Jessica has years of experience doing scheduling, ordering, invoicing, billing, customer service, purchasing, inventory management, shipping logistics, payroll, and she's an amazing cook. If that weren't enough, frequently she can be found on the shop floor sanding or painting or edgebanding or anything else needed.

Mike has 20+ years of experience as a dueling piano performer and started building pianos for himself early on. These early piano shells caught the eye of other performers who began asking for their own. Demand was recognized and a business was born.

We have a few kids. One of them is grown and gone and the other two are close to adulthood. These years are busy with school activities.


The Keyhole Piano Shells manufacturing site is located on our homestead. We recently expanded our space to divide building and finishing processes. This gives us a more streamlined production as well as more floor space to increase our output. Although the space is still considered small by manufacturing standards, we put out a lot of products. In this space we build your shells, create parts on the CNC machine, print custom parts on our 3D printers, print vinyl logos, laminate parts, powder coat parts, weld pieces, and much more. Most parts that we sell have been created in our space. 

This means that it is hard for us to get away from work, but the 50 foot commute is worth it. 


We employ various helpers to get orders out. Some high-schoolers, some part-timers and retirees and even the kids get involved.

George Winters is our resident sales guy. He has more years of performing than Mike does and is also a fervent Keyhole shell user. George deserves his own page, view it here.


We couldn't do it without our vendors. Whenever possible we purchase our supplies and materials locally. Big thanks to:

  • L.L. Johnson Lumber Co.

  • Counter-Fitters of Mid-Michigan

  • Alro Steel and Plastic

  • Custom Case Co.



Our shop dog holds the title of "worst security guard ever", but he's so cute no one minds. He currently supplies emotional support with regular check-ins throughout the day. He also makes sure that we are all following proper safety protocols when it comes to our hearing as the sight of him running toward the doggie door means it is about to get loud on the shop floor. But, as you can see, he will hang around with his own PPE.


Although he lives in the house and doesn't venture out to the shop, Walter works as our Therapist, Physical Therapist, and a boisterous reminder to eat regularly. 


Our beloved Max now supervises from beyond, but spent time as our HR Director, weeding out any sort of trouble. He was gruff, smelly, and didn't tolerate many people, but he loved us a lot. Trips to the hardware store still aren't quite the same. 

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