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George Winters heads our USA sales team. 
Call him today from anywhere in the U.S. to arrange the perfect piano for you. George is our team leader for a reason; he is convinced everyone should have a Keyhole Piano!
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George Winters has been around keyboards since early childhood. He watched his dad start a career selling Hammond organs. George magically took to the keys as if a piano keyboard were always a part of him. Before long, George was helping his dad sell at fairs, building shows and the like. Young Georgie would hook them with his amazingly fast keyboard skills and his dad would take over from there.

George's love of music spurred him on to learn other instruments as well. He is accomplished on guitar and harmonica and sings. He has played everything from solo lounge shows to a packed arenas as a dueling piano player. In all, doing thousands of shows from coast to coast over the years.

Alongside his flourishing music career George has worked in sales of all kinds from car to insurance to home improvement. His sales experience ensures customers receive the products they expect, on time.

George has been using Keyhole piano shells in his dueling shows for years and swears that without them, gigging on the road would be much more difficult.

George's Music

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