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From details on cleaning the finish to repairing damage, find help here.


Here are a few ways, in no particular order, on how repairs can be made. Not sure which method would be best? Send us a photo of the damage

  • Paint can be touched up with best results using ONLY Behr brand interior LATEX paint in the color and sheen that was used originally on your piano shell. If you're not sure what paint to use, contact us and we can tell you. Some users report that they repaint their entire (painted) shell from time to time! Be warned, using other type(s) of paint over the original paint can cause several issues including permanent tackiness, undesired texture and other problems. For gloss black, get a small amount of #3300 and ask for it to be 'black'. Paint works for larger areas. Masking off laminate is usually unnecessary if you have a razor blade to scrape the excess paint off. Body filler can be used by those with such skills or facilities.

  • Vinyl - A strip of sticky-back vinyl (Oracal 651) can do wonders. Some customers have wrapped their entire shell. If you're repairing the bottom edge, first-timers cut a 1.5" strip of vinyl and apply it all the way around the curve. Search online for videos on how to apply vinyl decals. Don't attempt a full wrap without knowledge or experience.

  • Heavily damaged laminate can be repaired by contacting a local flooring and counter store for laminate services.

  • ​Paint pen - the pen is better than a sharpie, but the immediate end results are the same. This method works best on small edge dings or scratches.


Buy practically any removable part from us to replace on your Keyhole, or find many of the parts at your local hardware store. Here is a partial list of some of the items you might need to replace:

  • Wing screws, T-Nuts, hole plugs [can find at hardware]. For hardware specifications, check your manual.

  • Legs [contact us]

  • Hardware container [department store]

If you plan to replace an item yourself, use care, be safe and follow common sense. Don't drive screws through the finish from the underside!!

Contact us if you need more information about replacing parts.

Use and Care

Most care involves common sense, but in case yours is lapsing, these are some of the important points:

  • Use a window cleaner or similar and a soft cloth to clean the surfaces.

  • Use care when transporting. Cases are recommended!

  • Hand tighten the wing bolts. Do not use power tools.

  • DO NOT allow any person to sit or stand on a small shell. The piano is strong enough to support the weight, but the small footprint and high center of gravity presents a tipping hazard.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures. High heat can damage the finish or cause problems with the adhesives.

  • Cupping, warping and seasonal movement can happen due to the natural materials used. If your lid is cupping, warping or lifting on a corner or edge, block up low spots and weigh down high spots for a day or two; in almost every case the lid/top will settle flat.

Paint Pen

We offer a paint pen in black or white. This is used to paint the joining edges of the laminate. They are available in black or white. We can do this in the factory for an additional cost. For instructions on how to use the pen, check out our video.

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