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  • How do I order one?
    Our product store allows for purchasing some models through a checkout process. We encourage you to fill out the quote form and a representative will contact you directly.
  • How strong are they? Can someone sit on one?
    The smallest shells pose a tipping hazard due to their small footprint. Larger models can support some weight, but be sure to let your salesperson know your needs. Be sure to take precautions to ensure safety and stability. Rigging specialists are required to certify products for safety.
  • What is the finish?
    Most of our pianos are covered in a high-pressure laminate in either black, white or red. Custom laminate colors and sheens are available by request. Custom paint jobs including lacquer are outsourced. If you would like more details on the finish, including our personal experiences on colors and differences in sheens please contact us.
  • Will my keyboard fit?
    The question we get asked most is "Will my keyboard fit?" and chances are pretty good it will! Don't want to guess? Check this table for your model. Don't see your keyboard? Let us know the make and model of your keyboard and we can guarantee it will fit. The 30 and 40 have 56-inches of room (width), the 50s and up offer 56.75-inches. Other widths are possible. If you want your keyboard to fit without any voids on either side we offer side spacers to fill in the void. Height clearance varies by model, but the standard is 7-inches (17.75cm). Custom sizes are possible. Popular brands we accommodate are Yamaha, Roland, Nord, Korg, Kawai, Casio, Alesis, Studiologic.
  • Do you do custom work?
    Every piano we make is built to order and easily customizable. While we can do custom work, it can take considerably longer depending on the customization. Our pianos are built solid and can be tinkered with. Customers are encouraged to make their own modifications. Call or email for more information.
  • What options are available?
    None of our competitors compare when it comes to available options, accessories and upgrades for each different model. Our current lineup can be found on our products page. Some of our addons include mic booms, music stands, sustain pedal lyres, and many others.
  • How are Keyhole pianos different from the competition?
    We use superior materials, construction methods and do all the work in a full production wood shop. In addition to that, the same people that build the shells are themselves piano players and have years of stage experience doing hundreds of setups and teardowns. We know what it means to transport heavy gear and we have designed our products to meet the demands of entertainers and musicians that need portability.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Our workspace is limited and we are constrained to doing pianos in batches of similar size. A 'batch' usually takes about a week. Five batches usually gets us around the model lineup. It is for this reason we tell most customers 6-8 weeks. If your order is received as we are beginning a batch in your size you could have your piano in only a couple weeks. We can in some cases move your order ahead in line. Custom colors and builds can take significantly longer. We might have something in stock that can fill your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out.
  • Will it fit in my car?
    The 30-inch KeyWee is small. One may even fit in some cars. We can fit a pair of 30" shells for dueling pianos in an SUV or minivan. Most sizes will fit in a minivan or larger automobile! See individual product pages for measurement details.
  • Do you sell benches?
    We can't compete with the piano bench market. You will find the best products and prices from a retailer such as Amazon. We can recommend a bench if you want something robust.
  • How high are the piano keys when set up?
    Our standard leg length is 25-inches. The keyboard tray surface is approx 0.4-inches above that. The leg length can be adjusted shorter or longer by request.
  • Can I reach the power switch on the rear of the keyboard?
    A number of products are available to control the power to your keyboard remotely. You simply leave the mechanical switch on the keyboard in the "ON" position and use the remote switch to turn it off when desired. Any of the following products would work (these are external links; we apologize for errors). or
  • What are they made of?
    Baltic Birch plywood is used throughout most of the body construction with solid poplar for the legs. Wood is a natural material that varies in density (affecting weight), moisture content and character. Some seasonal or temperature related movement is expected. The finish is a compressed laminate from Wilsonart or Formica. Plastics are used in places and various metals as well. You won't find any fiber or particle board. We use only the best products available and source locally whenever possible.
  • What is the difference between a TurnKey and a SplitKey model?
    A TurnKey is a one-piece body that has sides that fold out. The SplitKey is a two part body design that mates together.
  • What is the lightest option?
    Adding a lid to a 30-inch KeyWee makes the shell lighter (as it now has an opening in the top). The now separate lid is also lightweight and easy to attach. The legs can also be carried in a separate tote/bag to reduce the weight of the main body. With these considerations the weight of the main body alone can be reduced to as little as 30lbs.
  • Help! I lost my [leg screws, hinge pins, knobs, etc].
    Don't panic, you may be able to get by with items that are nearby. In the U.S., knobs, screws and bolts can be found in most hardware stores. Check your manual for the proper hardware you need. If you've only lost one or a few leg screws, thankfully legs can usually get by with only one bolt each if you're careful. Hinge pins may require a little more ingenuity. A nail will work or a bobby pin. If you can make it to a hardware store, we recommend you find a good sized hitch pin clip. This same clip may be desired over the original hinge pins if you take your lid on and off regularly. The size we use is .125 X 2-9/16. Original hinge pins and hitch pin clips can be ordered from us. Hitch pin clip Amazon link
  • Do you accept returns?
    Almost all of our pianos are built to order. This means that returns are generally not accepted. We do offer services for helping you sell your piano and if you're not too far away we can do on-site repairs. Damage from delivery is another matter. BE SURE to take photos of any damage to the carton/shipment when it arrives and note it on the paperwork before you sign anything.
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