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  • The 50 and 60-inch "TurnKey" models are best for traveling and compact spaces. Designed with fold-out sides. Cases are available.


    Checkout with the cart and a representative will reach out, or skip it all together and go straight to our quote form page.


    *Keyboards, pedals and other third-party products, where shown, are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.

    50-inch TurnKey Estimate

    typical build time is 3-4 weeks
    • Add the "Keymaster" package to make the interior look as good as the exterior. If you ever want to display the inside of the shell, this is a must.

      Besides including a classic-style music stand, a pedal lyre, lid prop and hovering interior panel, you also get a lid that is laminated on the underside and laminate covering the exposed harp rim.

      hovering interior panel and lid prop that simulates the look of piano strings in a unique, natural way using bamboo veneer. Many options are available for this panel. Ask for details.

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