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  • Pedal lyre for your pedals. Securely holds most standard piano-style pedals. Cords can chase through hollow tubes.

    Attaches with three wing screws, included.


    *Keyboards, pedals and other third-party products, where shown, are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.

    Pedal Lyre

    PriceFrom $250.00
    • A pedal lyre is a must if you chase your sustain pedal around with your foot. Style subject to change without notice.

      Bases also work for proprietary and triple pedals including:
      Casio SP-34, Daok 3-pedal, Kawai F-30, Kawai GFP-3, Korg PU-2, M-audio sp-triple, Nord triple pedal, Roland RPU-3, Studiologic SLP3-D, Studiologic VFP-3-10, Studiologic VFP-3-15 and others.


      *Pedals not included

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