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  • 34-inch mobile piano shell with laminated top and sides
    flat pack body - collapses flat
    solid wood removable legs
    plastic surround wrap


    *Keyboards, pedals and other third-party products, where shown, are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.


    We're designing cases for this product - We hope to ship by August 1st.
    • The first ever professional grade collapsable wooden enclosure designed to create the illusion of a grand piano while housing your digital keyboard. This offering from Keyhole collapses down to only 2.5-inches. No larger than a flat screen TV box!
      Three solid wood painted legs each attach by hand with two wing bolts. Legs can be transported along with the curve with an optional case.
      Even when stored in the optional cases the piano and legs can fit in most full size cars. The small size means it will fit in most mid-sized or larger SUVs.
      The finish is a high pressure laminate where visible and painted in the hidden areas. The curve area is reversable ABS plastic with haircell texture on one side and smooth gloss on the other. Place your logo on the curve and switch between looks depending on your location.
      There are other countless options to choose from of colors, textures and patterns. Gloss black is the most popular.
      An optional case makes it possible to roll anywhere. It is designed so you can assemble the piano without taking the case off.
    • Leg hardware (included): 5/16" x 1-1/4" wing screw (x6)

      length/depth 34"/86.36cm
      width 59.5"/151cm
      height 10.5"/26.67
      leg length 25"/63.5cm
      weight (without legs) 45lbs/20.4kgs
      maximum keyboard width allowance 55.75"/141.6cm
      maximum keyboard depth allowance 17"/43.18cm
      maximum keyboard height allowance


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