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  • Road cases for the 84-inch SplitKey. Two cases are included.

    One case holds the harp, legs and accessories. The second case holds the front section. Cases are made with 1/4" plywood for light weight and comes with heavy duty casters and hardware.

    84-inch Road Cases for SplitKey Estimate

    typical build time is 4-5 weeks
    • Rolling cases that can go wherever you do! Cases come in many different shapes and sizes to match the piano they are meant to protect. Call for the case that fits your piano to ensure the finish will last forever.
    • specifications subject to change

      Description Dimension/Weight
      harp case LxWxH

      63x19x66.75 inches


      harp case weight  
      keyboard section case LxWxH

      63x19x34 inches


      keyboard section case weight  


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